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Maison Jeff & Jeka
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This engraved and numbered 30-piece limited edition, a direct nod to the cartridge case capacity of a Kalachnikov, reinvents the concept of the bullet as a work of art and aims straight for a brand-new target: the heart.
From : 17 000 €


The Fight For Love


Debuting with the bullet-shaped EVA Pendant, THE FIGHT FOR LOVE collection draws its inspiration from the core values that drive Maison Jeff & Jeka. Dark yet refined, the avant-garde collection fuses power and elegance through its ornamental features inspired by the art of tattooing and baroque elements.

Possessing a unique allure, THE FIGHT FOR LOVE collection sees traditionally weapon-orientated motifs in a new context, elevated by a combination of exquisite materials such as ceramic, rose gold and black diamonds.

The ‘fight’ refers to the transmutation of discord into love, where love is expressed through the reinventing of objects and codes borrowed from combat iconography, martial arts and a hypnotic sense of counter-culture.


The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world.

Purveyors of symbolic avant-garde fine jewelry, Maison Jeff & Jeka was officially founded in 2015, but its inception goes back to the early 2000s when its founders Jeff Alexander and Jeka Anatolevich met in Geneva.

Coming from different backgrounds but sharing a passion for martial arts, hip hop, avant-garde fashion, precious materials, street art and tattoos, they forged a friendship that, over the years shaped the DNA of Maison Jeff & Jeka.

Working with high-tech black ceramic, black diamonds and rose gold, and imbued with a focus on family, love, authenticity, bromance, strength and considered radicalism, Jeff & Jeka endeavour to bring a sense of realness into the luxury sphere and disrupt its codes. With a sense of being modern-day warriors, they create fine jewelry and works that convey powerful messages and spread the values that drive them.

Paris - Genève - Moscou

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