This engraved and numbered 30-piece limited edition, a direct nod to the cartridge case capacity of a Kalachnikov, reinvents the concept of the bullet as a work of art and aims straight for a brand-new target: the heart. 

Its French-Swiss production involves a blend of fine craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. It is sculpted from high-tech black ceramic, a noble material chosen for its pure colour that remains unchanged over time, as well as for its hardness comparable to that of a diamond. Its body is adorned with an 18K rose gold tattoo. This apparently simple expression of expertise called for a full two years’ research. Elegantly attired in black diamonds and rose gold, it is crowned with a 0.34-carat stone.

- Black diamonds
- 18 carat rose gold chain (60cm, 70cm or 80cm)
- High-tech black mat ceramic
- Two customisable 18 carat rose gold vermeil guaranty cards

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