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Mounting an assault on jewellery

Maison Jeff & Jeka unholsters its first EVA jewellery model.
The symbolically charged EVA pendant gives a whole new meaning to the bullet of a Kalachnikov AK-47 assault rifle.

The youthful Geneva-based Maison Jeff & Jeka is proud to announce the arrival of its first EVA creation. Three years ago, designers Jeff Alexander and Jeka Anatolevich set themselves the challenge of mounting an assault on what was unknown territory to them at the time, and of proclaiming their slogan: “We are not fighting with the same weapons”. They now provide a first glimpse of their world through their collection entitled The Fight for Love. A radical and avant-garde collection in which love is expressed through the reinterpretation of objects and codes borrowed from the iconography of combat, of martial arts, and from a mesmerising sense of counter-culture.

EVA is named after the first woman and mother of humankind portrayed in the biblical book of Genesis. It is the first creation and the muse of “The Fight for Love” collection. Its French-Swiss production involves a blend of fine craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. It is sculpted from high-tech black ceramic (gloss or mat), a noble material chosen for its pure colour that remains unchanged over time, as well as for its hardness comparable to that of a diamond. Its body is adorned with an 18K rose gold tattoo. This apparently simple expression of expertise called for a full two years’ research. Elegantly attired in black diamonds and rose gold, it is crowned with a 0.34-carat stone.

This engraved and numbered 30-piece limited edition, a direct nod to the cartridge case capacity of a Kalachnikov, reinvents the concept of the bullet as a work of art and aims straight for a brand-new target: the heart.

Maison Jeff&Jeka favors direct-to-customer selling. Its jewellery are rare objects manufactured in limited quantities allowing a unique approach to client relationships. Because no one knows the story behind each design better than the founders, Jeff & Jeka will personally hand-deliver their creations.


Price : EVA - Gloss : 17 000€       EVA - MAT : 17 900€

Download HD pictures : EVA Press kit